What Is Open Source?


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Open source means that a software whose source code is available to every one. A programmer can modify the source code of a program. That's why there are number of softwares which belong to open source and each open source software has something different and new.

As open source has given opportunity to programs of changing source code of a program that's why open source softwares are increasing day by day. But it has not affect on the quality of softwares. For example, compare Msn messenger with Skype. You can see a big difference of quality of video and voice chat between these softwares. You can compare open source operating system with Microsoft operating systems.

No doubt Microsoft window has one advantage over open source softwares and that is the feature known as user friendly. Even you can see programming languages of open source such as PHP, Mysql, CMS, and many more. PHP has made possible for those programmers which are not very good in programming to make websites. Content management systems provided by open source are very easy to use and even a non programmer can use these for building websites.

Source code of software which is available to every one is known as open source.
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Over the past more than a small number of years, the movement in the UNIX and Unix-like space has been to unlock starting place operating systems. A lot of areas until that time dominated by UNIX have seen important inroads by Linux; Solaris starting place code is at the present the foundation of the Open Solaris development.

The group at Bell Labs that premeditated and urbanized UNIX went on in the direction of build up Plan 9 and Inferno, which were intended for up-to-the-minute distributed environments. They had graphics built-in, dissimilar UNIX counterparts with the intention of additional it in the direction of the design later. Plan 9 did not be converted into popular for the reason that, unlike lots of UNIX distributions, it was not in the beginning free. It has in view of the fact that been on the rampage underneath Free Software and unlocks Source Lucent Public License, and has a getting higher community of developers. Firestorm was sold in the direction of Vita Nova and has been on top of the rampage under a GPL/MIT authorization.
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