What Is An Albino?


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An albino is a person without any colour, or pigmentation. All races have a certain amount of pigmentation, though some among the white race (especially the Scandinavian) have very little.What cause color, or pigmentation, in people? It is produced by certain substances in the body acting on each other. The substances are colour bases, or chromogens, and certain enzymes. When the enzymes act on the colour bases, pigmentation is produced.If an individual happens to lack either of these substances in his body, there is no pigmentation and he is what we call an "albino". The word comes from the Latin albus, meaning "white".

A person who is an albino has pink eyes, and this is because of the red of the blood circulating in the retina of the eye. An albino's eyes are very sensitive to light. So such a person keeps the eyelids partly closed and is constantly blinking.
The hair of an albino is white over his entire body. Even tissues inside the body, such as the brain and the spinal cord, are white.

By the way, albinism is found not only in man, but in plants and all kinds of animals as well. It is even found among birds, and there is no race of man that may not have, albinos.
It is believed that albinism may be inherited, so people who are albinos themselves may pass on the characteristics to their children.

Probably the albinos we are all most familiar with are white mice, rats, and rabbits. But there are people who have seen albino squirrels and even albino giraffes!
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An albino is a person or animal born without pigmentation. Pigmentation is what gives your your skin and eye color. The more pigmentation you have, the darker skinned you are. Those that are albino are usually deathly pale and have very light blue or even pink irises. The danger for albinos other than weakened immune systems and such is damage from the sun's UV rays. They have little to know natural protection from these harmful rays. Where you might tan, or get a slight sun-burn, then tan; albino's just burn. As you may know, the more often you are sunburned, the more likely you are to suffer from a malenoma or skin cancer.
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A person who has no skin figment. Which means they have no color to their skin.
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Yes, albino people often retain their eye color.  They usually have blue or green or light brown eyes.  Albinism (from Latin albus, "white";  is a form of hypopigmentary congenital disorder, characterized by a partial lack (in hypomelanism, also known as hypomelanosis) or total absence (amelanism or amelanosis) of melanin pigment in the eyes, skin and hair, or more rarely in the eyes alone.

Did you know that even the brain and spinal cord are white?

It is not the same as leucism, in which all integumental pigment is at least partially absent, but the eyes retain their usual color."
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Albino is a person that has no color there life is discriminated by other people there life is so sad

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