What Is The Importance Of Saying "Please"?


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In this essay "On Saying Please" the writer has pointed out the importance of good manners. Soft and kind words indicate our civilized behavior. Politeness-costs us nothing but makes our life bright and pleasant. Some people are crude in their dealing with others. Their Harsh behavior irritates others. It may also cause trouble and sad incidents.

The writer has elaborated his point by furnishing the example of a young liftman who worked in a city office. A man entered his lift and asked him to take him to the top without saying "please". The liftman was annoyed at the rough tone. He not only refused to obey him but also knocked him out of the lift. The court fined the liftman and spared the passenger. The writer explains that discourteous behavior is not a legal offence. It can not be punished. Law does not compel us to say please but the old social practice of saying please forces us to be civil. Although law does not help to correct the ill-mannered persons, yet it does not allow us to kick them in retaliation.

The writer says that bad manners of a person do not give us the excuse to be rude and aggressive. So, the liftman was rightly punished for his offence. He could have achieved a moral victory by being more polite and respectful.
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It is of upmost importance.
As our newest generation is growing up in a society where manners and politness is rare and crime is rising as people has no respect for others.

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