What Is The Role Of Honesty In Human Being's Life?


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Honesty is a good moral virtue. It is defined to a deal fairly and in a just manner with every body. It means that a person should be truthful and sincere in his words and action. He should practice whatever he feels true ad just. An honest act demands sincerity justice and truthfulness. Honesty is the basic quality of man's character. It is an essential quality for every society to develop and grow. The foundation of every society is fests on honesty. There is a marked difference between honesty and dishonesty.

An honest person enjoys great respect in society. He has admiration and respect in the eyes of people. He feels comfortable and secure in life. He has clear conscience. If an honest person fails in his mission, he does not feel sad at it. He knows that he has not deceived any body. He will trace his failure to other things than honesty.

Honesty is not an inborn quality. It is learnt later on. It is through education and training that we can learn this quality. It needs discipline and regularity in habits. An honest person suffers any hardships in his life. He has to forego many material temptations. He has to leave selfish motives. He should see if his words and actions are considered or not. He must have a check on his dealings. This shows that honesty is a quality which a man can learn after great struggle and hard work.
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Temptation!!! I agree strongly with rauf786. Honesty helps keep you from temptation. Sways you from trouble. Keeps your heart right and leaves a better appearance on you as a person.

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