Can Anyone Tell Me The Difference Between Inverse And Direct Proportion In An Easy To Understand Format Please?


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Off course we can tell you the difference between inverse and direct proportions in a very easy way. Just consider 2 things which are related to each other. And if one thing is increasing the second thing which is related to that thing is also increasing and similarly if one thing is decreasing and the second thing which is related to the first is also decreasing that will be called the direct proportion. For example if you purchase 5 eggs for 5 dollars and if you keep increasing the number of eggs the cost will be automatically increase so this is the example of direct proportion. I mean there is the direct proportion between the number of eggs and their cost.

And opposite to it if something is increasing while the other thing that is related to it is decreasing it will be called inverse proportion. For example if you're driving a car and the car speed is increasing while the distance is decreasing to your destination. That proportion will be called the inverse proportion. So this is difference between direct proportion and inverse proportions.
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Direct is like the same, as in both quantities increase or both quantities decrease.
Example, the more money you save, the more money you have, the more I run, the more calories I expend.

Inverse is like the opposite, as in as one quantity increases the other decreases and vice versa.
Example, the more money I spend, the less money I have, the more I exercise, the less I weigh.
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Direct variation is a linear equation that can be expressed as y=kx where k does not equal 0
1.) in direct variation you have to multiply
2.)as x increases y increases

inverse variation is a function that can be written in the form xy=k or y=k divided by x
1.)in inverse variation you have to divide
2.)as x increases y decreases

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