What Are The Tree Types Of Interjection?


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An interjection is an exclamation used to indicate either something that the speaker is thinking, or is feeling, and they are usually quite clear in making these feelings and thoughts known to the listener.

• One type of interjection
An example of an interjection would be, "Wow! You'll never guess what happened to me today!" The interjection is the 'wow' and the second it is uttered the person who is listening immediately knows that what has happened to the person who is speaking is something out of the ordinary.

If an interjection is written down, in a novel, for example, they are very often followed by an exclamation point because they so often signify something is going to follow it.

• Second example
Interjections can also be a swear word. Profanities are very often used to indicate how a person is feeling, and again, if they were written down they would be followed by an exclamation point.

• Third example
Words such as 'er' and 'um' are also interjections. They divide sentences when people are speaking in order to give the person a second to gather their thoughts. Some linguists refer to these as fillers as well as interjections. They have no syntactical value, which means that they do not contribute anything worthwhile to a sentence, even though they play a very real purpose.

Some people become so used to using this kind of interjection that they become part of practically every sentence that they utter. Sentences that are filled with, 'you know' and 'like' offer nothing but they pepper language constantly.

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