What Is The Value Of Discipline?


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The word "discipline" can be used as a noun as well as a verb. The word essentially deals with a pattern of behavior that leads to a good social and moral development. The word comes from the Latin word "disciplinaire" which means "to impart education" or "to teach." The unfortunate thing is that many associate the word with giving punishment, which is actually only a small part of the meaning. Discipline actually means to groom a person's behavior, etiquette and entire personality.

Discipline is actually a combination of reward and punishment methods. A child if disciplined at an early age grows up to become a responsible, well-bred individual. A person who is competent, confident and caring is always known to have a disciplinary approach towards life. As a verb, to discipline means "train and guide," for example: The teacher disciplines the child to exercise time-management from an early age.

As a noun, the meaning of the word "discipline" is pretty much the same as that of the verb: a set of rules and guidelines (code of conduct) to be followed. Discipline is always taught in schools and it is a common sight in a military academy and religious institutions like a church.
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The view of discipline differs from person to person. In my point of view, discipline is the habit of working according to rules. It is the tool of changing darkness into lightness. If one is not disciplined and we try to explain them, doing this we may fail for most of times.So one should be disciplined himeself/herself. If one does not do that, he/she may fail in their life. If not now then may be in future.
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Discipline has two meanings. One is punishment and the other is to teach. The idea of discipline is to teach what behaviors are acceptable and what are not acceptable.
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Discipline mean "well manner", "accountable","punctual" and Time manage
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Discipline means the spirit of willing submission to social or moral laws or to persons and power competent to command us. It aims at orderliness obedience and self control. Discipline is the basis of human activity and ensures its success. In the absence of discipline a play ground would become a battle field and the whole society a chaos. Discipline is largely an acquired virtue. It is gained through obedience. No society can exist without discipline that is willing obedience to laws, rules and regulations.

Obedience, therefore, is the backbone of discipline. The members of a team or body must observe the rules witch they themselves frame, willingly. For instance drivers of automobiles and pedestrians obey traffic rules because they know their lives are at stake and traffic rules are meant to avert accidents. The western countries are much disciplined. After the World War II, countries like England, France and Germany were badly shaken. Indiscriminate bombardment fazed cities to the ground. By discipline and collective efforts these countries have risen again stronger than ever.

Discipline is a code of peaceful existence in a society. Discipline in a society ensures smoothness and avoids conflicts. It results in prosperity and progress. If the working in our educational institutions, industrial organization business concerns and government offices is disciplined the country will make tremendous progress which is denied to it at present.
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Discipline refers to systematic instruction given to a disciple.
Types of discipline-authoritative discipline and democratic discipline
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The word discipline is defined as a branch of knowledge in which people specialise when they are pursuing a course at the university level. In this context, the word discipline refers to an academic discipline. It also refers to a system of rules of conduct or a method of practice that every member of a particular group must follow.

When a person is disciplined, he or she possesses the trait of being well-behaved. In this context, the word discipline is related to the words conduct, behaviour and deportment. It is a vital aspect in the field of personality development.

The term discipline can also be used to refer to the methods of training which a person has acquired in order that he or she becomes stronger or more in control of his or her emotions. People become disciplined when they are trained by instruction and by putting in many hours of practice to perfect what they do. To discipline is a verb which refer to the act of punishing someone for his or her wrongdoings.
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Discipline means orderliness, obedience and self-control among the members of a body or a group. Thus, there is discipline amongst the college students, school boys, and soldiers in an army and laboring class in factories. Similarly there is discipline amongst people as members of one nation. Human society cannot exist without discipline, that is , willing obedience to laws, rules and regulations. Even birds and beasts have sense of discipline. They fly in flocks with a leader to direct them. Elephants move in herds and obey some laws and rules of their own.

Obedience, therefore, is the backbone of discipline. The members of a team or body must obey the rules which they themselves frame, willingly and readily. The western countries are much disciplined. After the World War 2, countries like Japan, England, France and Germany were badly shaken. Indiscriminate bombardment razed cities to the ground, by discipline and collective efforts these countries have raised stronger than ever.

Discipline does not interfere in the personal liberty of anyone. Some college students think that discipline means encroachment on their personal freedom. Casablanca was a boy of ten years; he did not leave the ship on fire and perished in the flame simply because his father had ordered him to stay there.
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In simple words, without discipline, the entire world would be in a Chaos
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Discipline is the key of success.if anywhere in the world panic is created then the whole country become fish market and to control that we have to behave well.Discipline is every where in the sky,on the ground. Thus we should  behave well to make our country a self_governing state.
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In my view discipline is the most beautiful word of English. To understand the meaning and the canvas of this phenomenal word requires wisdom, knowledge and vision.  Once you discovers and explores the meaning of life, that you are a pure, peaceful, powerful, love full and happy being as these are the most beautiful features of a human-being, the value of a being reminds you to groom your behavior, etiquette and entire personality, this would enable you to achieve the best results in your present life and here after.
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I recently visited China. Talking about discipline, the way people drive, spitting on your shoes, cigarette smoke, is out of question. The government of China is so busy making money, to the hell with discipline ???
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Some parents take toys away, send children to their rooms, take away what the child really loves, some even do spankings, but some also go overboard with that, um.... My mom would not let me go outside and play with my friends and clean up all day, no TV or music, if the child likes computers that could be taken away, no cell phones or ipods. I think that's all I came up with at the moment. Oh yeah, the standing in the corner thing is one of them, but it's kind of old and it doesn't work for me.

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