What Does Run Time Error Mean? How Do I Correct It? It Keeps Asking Me About Debugging?


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These type of errors happen when you are running a program which requires Microsoft dot net framework and an error or exception occurs in the program.To solve this you have to re install dot net framework and download new one from  www.microsoft.com href="http://www.microsoft.com/en/us/default.aspx" target="_blank" class="qa">www.microsoft.com
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runtime error means the application has getting trouble while debugging. As a programmer view, there are two types of error. one is debug time error and another is runtime error. However, exception handling is used to avoid runtime error but mostly runtime error depends on system configuration that could not be made 100% error free. If the application requires some dll or system files to run properly and the dependent file is unavailable or missing or not found there is likely to get r6034 runtime error or other types of runtime error. You may know more about runtime error at this beautiful article.

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The given answer is relayed to runtime error r6034 but not fully answered so you can visit the site :

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