What Is Dimensional Analysis


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Dimensional analysis is a process of using the units of quantities to help the mathematical procedures and programs. Unit conversion or factor label or factor-unit systems are the other names for this system. Abbreviate for dimensional analysis is DA. DA can be used for conversions, to check work done with formulas, or, in easily solved problems, other then formulas.

DA can solve many of the mathematical problems of chemistry. We will also be doing some more complicated math problems for which formulas are necessary to use. The common method for whether to use DA or W5P is:

If given units and our output is in same dimension then we will like to use DA. But change in dimension can be handling by formula in batter way. If the unit given and the unit into which you want to make changes are in same dimension then you can use dimension system. But it is necessary to check the dimension of the units first.

(1 mile/1 mile)= (5280 ft. / 1 mile)
(5280 ft. /1 mile) =1
(1 mile / 5280 ft.) = 1
The definition 1 mile = 5280 ft can change miles to feet. We want to cancel out the miles, so we keep 1 mile under the 5280 ft. Now the units of miles can be canceling with one in the denominator and the other in the numerator. It is important to know them by rote to be able to simply use the system.

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