What Is A School Governing Body?


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State schools in England and Wales have a governing body whose main purpose is to help the school raise standards of achievement. The body selects the head teacher, ensures that the National Curriculim is taught and that the school follows national education policy. The governing body is accountable to parents and the authorities. There are different types of governors, representing different interested parties. Local Education Authority (LEA) governors are appointed by the LEA and provide expertise in legal and regulatory aspects of education matters. The school head teacher is usually a member of the governing body, unless she/he elects not to be. A few of the governors are Teacher governors, elected by and from teaching staff at the school. Non-teaching staff governors are similar, but elected from non-teaching staff. Parent governors are elected by parents of pupils at the school. Community governors come from outside these groups, and are elected by a proportion of the non-community governors. At specific schools, governors may also be on the body who are representatives of minor authorities or financial sponsors.

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