What Is Construct Validity?


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Construct validity testifies to how well the results obtained from the use of the measure fit the theories around which the test is designed. This is assessed through convergent and discriminant validity, which are explained below.

Convergent validity is established when the scores obtained with two different instruments measuring the same concept are highly correlated. Discriminating validity is established when based on theory two variables are predicted to be uncorrelated and the scores obtained by measuring them are indeed empirically found to be so. Validity can thus be established in different ways. Published measures for various concepts usually report the kinds of validity that have been established for the instrument so that the user or reader can judge the goodness of the measure. Some of the ways in which the above forms of validity can be established are through co-relational analysis. Factor analysis a multivariate technique that would confirm the dimensions of the concept that have been operationally defined as well as indicate which of the items are most appropriate for each dimension and the multi-trait and multi-method matrix of correlations derived from measuring concepts by different forms and different methods additionally establishing the robustness of the measure. In sum the goodness of measure is established through the different kinds of validity and reliability.

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