What Is The English Of Mausami Fruit?


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The English name for the Mausami fruit is the lime. A lime can refer to a number of different citrus fruits that come in a variety of species and hybrids. All limes are normally round in shape and can be found as green or yellow in color. Most limes are approximately three to six centimeters in diameter and contain acidic and sour pulp. In terms of health, limes are a very good source of Vitamin C and within cooking are used to accent the flavor of many beverages and food. The fruit is usually much smaller and sweeter than lemons and can be grown throughout the

Limes have many uses both in cooking and out. When used in the culinary industry, the lime is used for both its juice and the zest. The acidity of its juice is popular with chefs and the zest gives off a very floral aroma. There are a number of cuisines for which lime is an essential ingredient. These cuisines include Viatnemese, Indian, Thai, Mexican and South western United States dishes. Within ceviche the juice is often used for pickling and dried limes are commonly used as a flavoring within Persian and Iraqi cuisine. The leaves of limes are frequently used as a herb within Asian cuisine and the juice is used to add flavor to a number of beverages.

Outside of cooking, limes have a number of alternative uses. During the 19th century, limes were used to help prevent British sailors from getting scurvy. Essential oils from limes are commonly used in aromatherapy, perfume and cleaning products while in India lime is used to remove evil spirits in Tantra. When lime juice is placed on the skin and the skin then comes into contact with ultra violet light, a process called phytophotodermatisis occurs. This process causes the skin to darken and even swell and blister.

The lime, or Masaumi fruit, is a popular citrus fruit that serves a number of purpose both within cooking and for health and sensory benefits.
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Sweet Lime
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Sweet lime

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