What Is Broad Problem Area In The Research Process?


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Identification of the broad problem area through the process of observing and focusing on the situation is called broad problem area in research. This refers to the entire situation where one sees a possible need for research and problem solving. The specific issues that need to be researched within this situation may not be identified at this stage. Such issues might pertain to problems currently existing in an organizational setting that need to be solved, areas that a manger believes need to be improved in the organization, a conceptual or theoretical issue that needs to be tightened up for the basic researcher wants to answer empirically. Examples of each type are provided taking the issue of sexual harassment which is a problem that at least some organizations will have to handle at some point in time.

A situation might present itself where a manager might receive written complaints from women in some departments that they are not being treated right by the bosses. From the generalized nature of these complaints, the manager might become aware that he is facing gender-related problem, but may not be able to pin-point what exactly it is. That is the matter calls for further investigation before the exact problem can be identified and attempts are made to resolve it.
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Well you should work at your level best. It is up to your keen interest and hard work which will pay you off. Look, all the areas are more or less troublesome but the most troublesome is data collection and compilation. You are supposed to burn the midnight oil to compile the data collected by you. It is a scattered and tough task. You must be pretty over smart for this purpose.
Be specific and practical during data compilation. Data collection is also a tough job. You have to measure each and every corner of your study area for this purpose. You must have some new experiences. You will surely come up with new and afresh stuff. You must be surprised of brand new stuff. But you need not to worry as it is a tough phase of research work. You have to select the data of your choice. Don't toil yourself for unrequited and extraordinary data. Be very specific and efficient in this regard. Good luck! Hope you have got points in the elucidation.
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