Can You Tell Different Types Of Language Translators.


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A compiler translates an entire program that is executed. Compilers are most commonly used to translate high-level languages such as COBOL, FORTRAN and Pascal. As explained shortly, compilers typically result in programs that can be executed much more swiftly than those handled by interpreters. Since either a compiler or an interpreter can be developed to translate most languages, compiler would be preferred in environments where executions speed in important. A program is entered into the computer system and submitted to the appropriate compiler. For instance, a COBOL program is input to a COBOL compiler; a Pascal program to a Pascal compiler. The program submitted for compilation is called a source program (or source module).The compiler then translates the program in to machine.

Whereas compilers translate programs into machine languages all at once before programs are run, interpreters translate programs a line at a time as they are being run. For instance, if a user has a program in which a single statement is executed a thousand times during the course of the program's run, the interpreter would translate that statement a thousand different times into machine languages. With an interpreter, each statement is translated into machine language just before it is executed. No object module or storable load module

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